Recent Sculpture


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Sculptures that bring together the kinetic energy of cable, the brilliance of sandcast glass and form molded concrete. 

Display notes: Well suited to three season outdoor display. 

Plinth Play

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The base or plinth of a sculpture often plays a supporting role (literally ) in the overall look of the piece. In this series the plinth considers new poses and relationships with the rest of the sculpture. 

Display notes:  Sold as a series. Suitable for three seasons outdoors. Requires a plinth or platform of some sort for display. 

Anthropocene Florae

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Inspired by the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging, this series reflects the challenges of being with nature in our people-dominated world.  Abstract floral designs bring together natural elements, construction materials (the ubiquitous glass, steel and cement) and discarded objects. 

The Beauty of Irrelevance: Mid-Century Modern Series

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 The Beauty of Irrelevance: the Mid-Century Modern Series.


Recently when cleaning out my childhood home, I came across the furniture that I used to play on as a child. Now largely broken and water stained, its elegant design and construction still speaks to me.  This series is an effort to reclaim its beauty and meaning - in a word, "relevance" - in a new form.